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Call for Papers

We warmly invite individual paper proposals for the 2021 PHA Biennial conference, ‘In Their Own Words’. This will be held at The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji 17-20 November 2021.

Due to the COVID situation in Fiji we are now planning to host the conference entirely online. Please note that sessions will not be recorded and papers in absentia will not be accepted. 

Submissions should include a title and abstract (maximum 150 words), your name, affiliation, and contact details, and should be submitted via this form:

If you would like to submit a paper for one of the proposed panels listed on the PHA website, please contact the panel convenor for approval before submitting this form. We recommend contacting panel convenors before 30 June.

Scholars proposing individual papers unrelated to the panels are welcome to apply.

The Call for Papers will remain open until 31 August 2021. 


More details about the conference programme, fees and registration will be announced after the Call for Papers have closed. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Panels (click here for more details):
1.    Global Encounters and Indigenous People: In the imaginary and in their own words. (Lynette                 Russell)
2.    Histories of the urban Pacific (Kate Stevens)
3.    In their own publications: Pacific acts of writing in the early twentieth century (Alice Te Punga               Somerville)
4.    In Their Own Words: Pacific Islander Migrations (Terava Casey)
5.    Indentured Labourers in Fiji (Subhash Appanna)
6.    Island Wisdoms: Pacific Philosophies (James D. Sellmann)
7.    Library Innovations and Pacific History Collections (Elizabeth Reade Fong) 
8.    Managing and improving access to Pacific Island archival collections (Kylie Moloney)
9.    Militarisms and Memories in Micronesia between Japan and the United States: New Waves in                 Documentary Filmmaking (Ryota Nishino)
10.    Naming histories: nomenculture and pacific pasts (Tarcisius Kabutaulaka)
11.    Pacific Islands Universities: Culture and Criticism in Regional, National and Transnational Histories           (Jacqueline Leckie)
12.    Papua New Guinean voices from the colonial past (Helen Gardner & Jonathan Ritchie) 
13.    Photographing the (modern) Pacific (Max Quanchi & Heather Waldroup)    

14.    Re-centering Women's Power and Agency in Pacific Islands Histories: Looking to the Past in                  Search of Ways Forward (Monica C. LaBriola)
15.    Rethinking Decolonisation in Papua New Guinea (Alex Golub)
16.    Rethinking World History from Pacific Island Perspectives (Paul D'Arcy)
17.    Sāmoan multiplicities (Philipp Schorch & Safua Akeli Amaama) 
18.    The nuclear era in the Pacific Islands (Nic Maclellan)
19.    Virtual Crossings: The Politics of (Re)Collecting Pacific Pasts and Futures (Kirisitina Sailiata)
20.    When their own words describe a world in common (Dario Di Rosa)
21.    Words about fighting, fighting about words—Contrasting narratives of the Pacific War (Jonathan            Ritchie & Ryota Nishino)
22.    Writing and teaching national histories in post-colonial Pacific countries (Marc Tabani &                        Bergmans Iati)