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See below for membership rates.

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Membership Rates

The PHA welcomes members from all social science and humanities areas of the world academic community, including students, who have an interest in the Pacific.

PHA membership currently runs from conference to conference. Membership for 2021-2023 fell due at the 2021 conference in Fiji.

Persons who did not attend the Fiji conference and who wish to become financial members for 2021-23 should contact the Secretary/Treasurer (Dr Adrian Muckle; adrian.muckle[at] for payment instructions. The interim membership fees currently are:

  • For all waged members paying by cheque or direct debit: $NZ 40.00

  • For low or unwaged members (including students and seniors) paying by cheque or direct debit: $NZ 10.00


Membership for 2023-25 will fall due at the 2023 conference. Members receive access to the PHA newsletters. Membership fees help subsidise the biennial conferences.

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